„In a little while they were all ready at the top of the Forest, and the Expotition started. First came Christopher Robin and Rabbit, then Piglet and Pooh; then Kanga, with Roo in her pocket, and Owl; then Eeyore; and, at the end, in a long line, all Rabbit’s friends-and-relations.” (A. Milne)

We start admission procedure for enrolment into the preschool group and the 1st year of studies for the 2017/2018 school year


Private Montessori primary school is an accredited educational institution, operating since 2011. The school implement educational programme: 1st stage of basic education (1st – 6th years) programme (11011111); The school offers also a preschool group for 6-year-olds to undergo the relevant training to be enrolled into the 1st year of studies at Private Motessori Primary School. The process of studies involves applying various methods: individual work, work in pairs and small groups, frontal classes. Each student acquires knowledge, experiences and skills according to individual plans based not only on the student’s age or year of studies. Still more current pedagogical, neurobiological and psychoneurological researches show that the method created by Maria Montessori over one hundred years ago is recognized as it was initially planned by the author – as a scientific method. So, researches and views of the Swiss children’s doctor Remo H. Largo that the process of development of children under 10 differs very much, are identical to the ideas of Maria Montessori. Our school provides an opportunity to implement the guideline of Montessori pedagogy “Each child creates himself”: environment, pedagogues, didactic materials, rhythm of studies help children of various temperaments, natures and abilities prove themselves. Since the school follows the state education standards, everyday studies are oriented at reaching long-term goals: to meet the requirements laid down in the state standards applicable to the basic education, when finishing the 6th year of studies. The school also aims to find out the child’s talents and uniqueness, to make it possible to develop them, therefore, the school-family cooperation is of high importance. The school staff is represented by Montessori pedagogues, possessing vast experience of work in general education schools. Teacher Ineta Kalnina currently attend Riga international course Montessori Pedagogy in a Primary School (the 6-12 year age group) of Berlin Montessori Institute. The school offers a wide range of training aids: original Montessori materials; materials created according to Montessori methods and principles (adapted, translated, works of authorship); classical pedagogy textbooks and workbooks; interactive materials; Latvian and other states’ resources are available in virtual environment. 6 – 12 year old children are characterized by a strong desire to explore and realize the real world, therefore the school organizes regular trips to cultural events, various study and creative classes in museums, etc. Maria Montessori was not afraid of difficulties, believing that all difficulties can be overcome. If a child can develop himself, can find his strong points and fight against weak sides, in addition to his start in life we will give him confidence that all difficulties can be really got over by own efforts.